Business Consultancy International

Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt

Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt offers both a Bachelor and Master programme in Business Consultancy International, which are held in English.

I am pleased to be part of the team and run some courses on both degree programmes:

Sales Analytics

In this Bachelor programme course students are encouraged to have a first look at how to make sense of sales data and how to run a sales operation based on data. We use Harvard University simulations to get some fun while digging into this matter.
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Our NEW Masters programme is entitled Advanced Marketing Analytics: so the focus clearly has shifted towards more data driven.

In the Masters programme there was a specialisation on Marketing:

Strategic Media Planning

In this Master programme course Lilian Meyer-Janzek and I introduce students to the complex matter of Media Planning, which is a pretty much data driven business as well. So how do we obtain data on the media and people’s usage of media, and how do we make use of these to define and implement a communication strategy?
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Advanced Marketing Analytics

In this Master programme course students find themselves in the midst of still more data and various methods to make these talk to us: mathematical forecasting, statistical analyses, econometric modeling – and what does Big Data mean?
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